Science, Innovation, and Bees

Our products harness the power of bees to provide unparalleled, differentiated, and dynamic active ingredients.

Partnering with Nature

We've partnered with the nonprofit, The Bee Conservancy, to support their mission "to protect bees, safeguard the environment, and secure food justice through education, research, habitat creation, and advocacy."

Anti-Aging Without the Sting

With our revolutionary extraction process, we craft skincare solutions that harness the power of kanuka honey and bee venom. The results? It's unlike anything you've tried before.

Your Skin

Your Skin with BeeRx

Long-Term Benefits

Kanuka honey and bee venom do more than just treat fine lines and wrinkles (although they're certainly great at doing that). Kanuka honey is also antimicrobial, ensuring affected areas are germ-free! By acting as a barrier, kanuka honey protects your skin from future infection and damage. Kanuka honey is also an anti-inflammatory, unlike other cosmetic honey, and reduces pain. Lastly, it's hygroscopic, which is a fancy way of saying it pulls water from the air - making it an excellent moisturizer.

Revolutionary and Effective

Each one of our products has been clinically tested (cruelty and animal-free) and the results are supported by white papers. Bee venom itself is a complex mixture of proteins, peptides, and low molecular components. It's been used in therapeutic treatment for hundreds of years, but we've only recently discovered it can cause micro-swelling: localized swelling that stimulates the capillaries (and blood flow) and fills in wrinkles. It produces similar results to Botox and other anti-aging treatments.

Natural and Humane

Our ingredients are humanely and sustainably sourced. The health and "well-beeing" of our bees is top priority. We never take more honey than the bees can afford to give, and our venom extraction process is pain free. We use a unique plate of glass that stimulates bees' venom secretion as they walk across the surface. Each product we stock uses less than 5 ingredients per bottle, because we believe in the importance of clean label products.

See the Science for Yourself

Watch Dr. Shaun Holt explain the benefits of kanuka honey and bee venom.