The Bee Rx Story

Bee Rx is a New Zealand-based 100% natural, clean label product line. Our products contain a clinically proven, unique combination of medical grade kanuka honey and bee venom. These ingredients are safely and humanely extracted from honeybees to provide unique, effective skincare treatments.

Our Mission

To change the way you care for yourself.

Our Story

We founded Bee Rx after spending years researching and developing the best way to make clean label, clinically-proven products. We realized the answer to innovate skincare was right here in our native New Zealand. It's kanuka honey, made by Mother Nature's most efficient workers: bees! We undertook one of the world's largest medical research programs to fully understand the health and skincare benefits of medical-grade kanuka honey. Our expectations were high, but the results were unbee-lievable. Our research indicated that kanuka honey produces results equal to some of the top prescription-strength treatments available.

The end result is our Bee Rx line of anti-aging and acne treatment products. We're revolutionizing the skincare industry with just a handful of powerful ingredients.

The Science Behind Bee Rx

No bees are harmed during our venom extraction process. We situate them on a plate glass, and send a mild current of electricity through the plate; the bees feel it as a tingling sensation. This process has been researched and refined over the course of several years to create the most humane process possible. Upon feeling the current, the bees assume there's a threat, and attempt to sting the glass. Generally, a bee sting kills the bee - but here, the bee's sting can't penetrate the plate, and the stinger remains intact, such that the bee survives. We're left with bee venom to harvest for our products. This is a seasonal process, and is only done when the hive is in good health.

When we harvest honey, we never take more than the hive can spare; ensuring their safety and comfort is top priority. In its natural state, honey contains impurities like dust, bee parts, bacteria and pollen. Our kanuka honey undergoes a very specific sterilization process to become what's called "medical grade" honey. It's first filtered to 50 microns (which means we're filtering out the tiniest of particles) and then flash thermalize it . The honey is heated and cooled quickly for sterilization. This process ensures the honey can be used on skin, but still contains all its beneficial properties.

Proudly Made in New Zealand

Bee Rx products are manufactured in New Zealand. The special Kanuka tea tree that grows there is the source of Bee Rx products' special honey. New Zealand, made up of two larger islands and over 700 smaller land masses, is also a naturally rich, varied country. We have everything from volcanos to mountains, to fjords and beaches.

""When it comes to skin care, it's a matter of conservation and empowerment. We don't just make products with different ingredients, we make products with a different purpose. Our consumers are doing more than just using skin care products - they're becoming part of a movement.""